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Take the Trouble out of Medical Technology


About Us

Mobile Telecare Systems was developed in order to take the trouble out of technology.  We worked with USA manufacturers to overcome the most common problem in telemedicine.  The “T” factor, meaning technology.

We developed a platform that transcends todays cumbersome software. At MTCS we believe that the objective of telemedicine is to offer efficient point of service care to healthcare facilities.  


Our mobile telecare carts provide a versatile yet ergonomic solution to the healthcare facility. We at MTCS strive to make the communication between the facility and the provider a seamless and stable process.  Technology can be daunting for some users and our goal is to make our platform accessible to all users.  Along with our unparalleled service we can make certain that the interaction between patient and provider will rival the in person dynamic.        



The Avon 24 is MTCS leading design mobile telecare cart.  Built with medical grade parts and surfaces made for the rugged environment of health care facilities.  

The Avon24 is versatile in its movements giving the user a sense of gliding on the ground. At first glance its look exudes technology but at the touch of a button its up and running.  The Avon 24 comes equipped with an onboard power system that allows for up to 8 hours of use on a single a charge.  Its power system allows for the battery to be swapped out for a fully charged one or can offer the ability to add on another on board battery to double its length of use.  With its lcd battery meter the user can track its battery life with a quick glance.  The 20X PTZ HD camera gives the provider an enhanced look at its patient.  The provider has complete control of the camera at its finger tips and can zoom, pan, and tilt to capture all views necessary.  Its built-in directional condenser microphone zones on the patient’s voice and filters out non-directional sounds. These peripheral elements allow for a clear communication path between the patient and the offsite provider.  The patient also has a direct view of the provider through the 24-inch HD touchscreen display.  The Avon24 provides the latest technology needed to bring patient and provider together seamlessly.  

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